Our Mission

BTR Precision partners with manufacturers to extend the life of their products and equipment through ingenuity and environmentally responsible practices.


We have a proud tradition of high quality, innovative manufacturing.  Our partner company, Prime Components, Inc., has built a reputation for quality manufacturing, engineering and design. Utilizing this experience, BTR Precision has focused its efforts on partnering with manufacturers to extend the life of their products and equipment.

BTR Precision has developed machining and grinding processes used to reclaim components for the Automotive Industry. Our re-manufacturing capabilities meet or exceed O.E. standards in diesel injection and pump applications. BTR Precision has developed custom reclamation programs for in-engine electronics making us a diversified source for automotive component re-manufacturing.

In the Plastics Industry, we continue to expand our portfolio of proprietary processes used to reuse and recycle consumables used in extrusion and injection molding.  Our tool cleaning and repair services save our customers time and money as well.  Our engineering and design team continues to develop products and processes to reduce cost in manufacturing plastic products.  We pride ourselves in helping the Plastics Industry become environmentally sustainable in process, not just product. 

BTR Precision will meet strict your O.E. standards while delivering value with a reduced environmental footprint.

Industrial Filtration Reclamation

Good for the Environment

We believe that manufacturers shouldn’t have to compromise quality to be environmentally sustainable. 

Through our innovative reclamation processes, we have supplied our customers with high quality products while minimizing the environmental footprint of manufacturing.   We provide our customers quality, value and sustainability.

Partner with Professionals

The BTR Precision Team has many years of diversified experience in manufacturing.  We have delivered results in Automotive, Oil and Gas, Plastics, and the Glass Industries. We have developed manufacturing and re-manufacturing processes that meet and exceed industry standards while offering value.  Our engineering and development experience in precision scientific instruments has ingrained a high standard of quality in everything we do. You are partnering with professionals when you choose BTR Precision.


Good for Business

BTR Precision can help your business reduce production costs through reclamation of consumables, re-manufactured components and innovative production tooling.

Our cleaning process can reclaim 80% or more of your used screens.  The recycled screens meet the same quality requirements as the new screens, at a greatly reduced cost.


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It is not only possible, but imperative to find ways for businesses to save money and protect our environment at the same time.

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For further inquiries about BTR Precision. and our capabilities, please contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you!

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